The automatic real-time strategy game from Your Infamous Harp.

AUTOMAKHAN is built entirely with web technologies and THREE.js. Invite your friends to play quick multiplayer matches! There are no downloads or plugins.

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The stunning soundtrack from the multi-talented Andy Domin and Sara Domin, developers of AUTOMAKHAN, weaves together minimal EDM, tribal drums and glitch-hop into a style all their own.

Listen to it here.

Simple rules. Limitless customization.

Emergent MOBA gameplay determined by the geometry of your tower defense. Combine units and abilities together to create your own AI behavior.

You'll wonder why no one has thought of this before.

Play at your own pace.

Don't worry about getting rushed. Separate build and battle phases level the playing field. Units are automatically deployed and managed, letting you focus on the higher level strategy.

Special thanks

AUTOMAKHAN has been in development since 2012 by Andy Domin and Sara Domin, with contributions and support from Tomas Kowalchuk, Aleks Kowalchuk, Nik Kowalchuk, Brendan Bagley, David Lawshe and Nick Ingvoldstad.

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